Everyone understands that artificial intelligence is changing the educational system around the entire globe. Technologies like Chat GPT potentially undermine the educational system by lowering motivation to study and produce academic papers. Others claim that AI can raise teaching standards and educational excellence. In this situation, the instrument is a fantastic helper for research writing. Every student is wondering, can Chat GPT do my assignment? The answer is a big no. This post will discuss how this AI tool is not for your academics, majorly the tasks assigned.

Even while AI has come a great way in recent years, it still needs to go through a development process before it can successfully compete with humans in several sectors. Academic writing is part of this. You would be wondering what is this Chat GPT, read the below paragraph for it.

What Is Chat GPT?

It is an AI model developed by Open-AI. This is the Generative Pre-trained Transformer architecture, a type of deep learning model trained on large amounts of data. It is fine-tuned tool for specific tasks such as data generation, translation, and question-answering. Additionally, it generates human-like responses in natural language conversations. It has been trained on a large amount of text data and can understand the context and generate coherent responses. Instead of using it, you should get assignment help as they will provide high-quality work.

The below pointers will make you understand why Chat GPT is not worth it.

Why Chat GPT Is Not Capable to Do Assignments?

Many reasons make the AI tool incompatible with academic purposes. The sentence generated from this tool will be eye-catching by the tutors because the text is AI-generated, there are chances of plagiarism and many more. So, if you want to know detail about these reasons you can go through the pointers below.

Knowledge of Limited Data

A big limitation of Chat GPT is that it cannot research newer articles published after 2021 when answering questions. Most university professors set assignments on recent topics that require students to search for the latest articles or reports published in the last 2 or 3 years. Instead, search for “Can someone do my assignment?”. In contrast, the writers of these online services always look for current journal and newspaper articles to use relevant content. So, if you have any task that requires research for the latest data, you can better choose a reliable expert in place of this AI tool.

Cannot Provide On-Point References

A fundamental requirement for any academic assignment is that it asks for citations and references to support arguments. One of the limitations of Chat GPT is that it cannot provide references for the content it generates. In other words, you cannot check the authenticity of the answers. When you submit a task without references, you put yourself in danger of breaching the integrity of the content. You can search “Can someone help me do my assignment?” to follow the proper referencing style and cite them accordingly.

AI Model Will Attract Plagiarism

Even if you manage to draft an easy task from Chat GPT, there are chances to detect plagiarism. You must be aware of the role it plays in academic writing. You will score poor grades and in worse situations, work is rejected by the tutors. Many students may search for the same task or assignment on this AI tool. It will directly increase the chances of the same wording that is plagiarism. One of the popular academic tools to detect plagiarism is Turnitin, which updates self-code continuously for AI-generated text.

You can look for anyone to “do my assignment online” You will get experts who conduct proper research based on your query. They also ensure to generate plagiarism-free work by providing a report of it to you.

Experienced Professor Knows the Truth

You may have heard that the majority of humans cannot see the difference between AI-generated content and human writing. But this is not right because an experienced tutor can differentiate them just by looking at the sentence formation and wordings. Do not rely on any chatbots because a professor is smarter than you. It is better to search “Can anyone help me do my assignment” instead of depending on these bots. However, when you reach these service providers, there is no chance that tutors can differentiate in the work done by them. It is due to the trained experts and no use of AI tools. You will have good quality work and deliver under the deadline.


The use of AI tools to complete assignments is becoming popular among students. Some educators are expressing concern about its impact on critical thinking and education. Although artificial intelligence has usage merits, it is also harming memory retention capability. It is acceptable to use these tools, but you have to ensure that you are not depending on them. Usage of these tools especially Chat GPT is prohibited in schools and universities. Instead of it, you can search for “Can someone do my assignment for me?” Your work will be completed with expert writers of good quality.

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