An important factor for just about any business organization is visibility. They need to be visible for whoever searches or looks for what they provide. But in this highly competitive economy, it’s close to impossible to know all companies that exist. With the internet, many companies and organizations are emerging with products no one has heard off. But amongst all the clutter, there are still many companies that are known. No one will ever forget Chanel or Aeropostale. Being large is not the only way of being in view. That’s where an SEO company comes to the rescue.

SEO a.k.Search Engine Optimization is a tactic used by many experts. Since the internet is the best place to stay in touch with consumers, SEO helps stay in their line of vision. It helps to be heard above all the clutter. It’s a strategy that is used by many companies, big corporates, and small start-ups alike. It involves a certain level of analytics, key work rankings, social media strategy, and so on. The main aim of implementing SEO is to increase the traffic to an e-commerce website, social media page, or landing page of a particular company. Before SEO, it took a lot to grow a company, but now with the right SEO tactics, any e-commerce website can become a business empire.

The Era of SEO (Search Engine Optimization): 

Today’s generation is all about getting information quickly, solving problems quickly, and shopping quickly. With Google being the leading search engine in the world, it plays an important role in SEO. Did you know that the website receives approximately 75000 searches every second?

If any e-commerce even gets 1/4th of the traffic, that provides very good visibility. But not every website has the privilege of being the first link or appear or to even be on the first page, this is where SEO plays an important role. This is true so much so that Google has various tools that websites can use to improve their SEO ranking on Google.

Many marketers, approximately 70% believe that SEO can drive sales more effectively as compared to Pay-Per-Click placements. SEO is not only about being discovered but also staying relevant. For e-commerce websites, SEO is a very important function. Another tip, with cybersecurity being a key concern, SEO is most effective when it’s paired with an SSL certificate.

Google filters 93% of its traffic towards the HTTPS website. This is because these websites are known to be more secure when it comes to dealing with multiple domains. While SEO seems simple, it is extremely meticulous and analytical. Google itself has many criteria for ranking and to qualify them requires precision and calculation. For web security, if any organization is looking at SSL Certificate to increase their ranking, Comodo SSL Certificate  is a good option. Therefore, SEO is a strategy that will fuel the marketing capability and online presence of any business.

How to Become SEO-Friendly?

Being SEO-Friendly is a term that visible. The more SEO friendly a company is, the easier, the more visible it is, the more it is approached. Since it’s become such a mandate here are some tips on how tailor search engine optimization to be more effective:

1) Words That Hold the Key: 

Well, not literally bit keywords are an extremely important strategy. Keywords are words that internet users frequently type when they browse the search engines or even the World Wide Web. They may use these words while they’re casually browsing or when they’re looking for a particular product or service. Using the right keywords can help in getting discovered or resurfacing for some existing consumers.

2) Spend time in Optimizing Key Word and Analytics: 

SEO Optimization does not happen overnight. Many components fit the puzzle to get a better picture. For SEO to effectively take place, marketers need to understand keyword volume – most frequently used keywords linked to a particular business. By effectively understanding the popularity of keywords, that can be properly integrated into various SEO optimization campaigns.

3) Know The Competitors: 

Simple SWOT analysis or PESTLE report won’t suffice, to fully optimize SEO, it is important to be aware of how competitors are making their online presence. Being aware of the competitor’s keywords, their campaigns, the amount of traffic they approximately receive, what are their inbound links, etc. An e-commerce website should have a brief overview of how their competitors are going about the optimization process.

4) Optimizing Online Properties and Rentals: 

This means that it is important to apply SEO tactics on the E-commerce website. This includes web pages, like the home page, landing page, or even on social media. Having relevant title tags or a good strong meta description will make it hard for any internet user to resist the temptation of not clicking. By focusing on the tone language and words of the content, any website can be easily optimized. Just by placing the USP on top or applying an inverted pyramid format, it might help users to engage with the content and increase visibility.

5) Fix Current Problems: 

Maybe it’s the website layout, maybe t’s the way content is jammed or it could even the complex nature of the page. For a website to be successful, it needs to be easy to navigate, not content-heavy but yet engaging any SEO Expert can fix all of your problems. Did you know that 75% of internet users deem a website as credible based on how it’s design? The main point is, if there are perceivable problems with the website, then it could have a high bounce rate. It is important to take care of the site structure, navigation, design, layout, font, multimedia, etc.


SEO is an extremely vital part of any business. Gone are the days where marketing and sales were limited. With the internet, there are unlimited ways to reach consumers. But this also means that many businesses have started emerging. SEO helps an e-commerce website rise like a phoenix beyond all the clutter so that they’re seen by consumers who are looking for them or looking for something they provide. While it requires a lot of strategizing, it is important to start implementing SEO as it can aid an e-commerce website’s success.