YouTube is the most famous platform for streaming content, and its name has positioned itself as a leader when it comes to listening to music and enjoying videos of the moment. Its infinity of content creators and subscriptions make this portal one of the most popular when it comes to audiovisual content , being one of the most frequent places for fans of music, fashion or tutorials.

Such is the quality of its videos, that it is not strange to think about downloading them to be able to have them at hand and show them to our loved ones or friends. However, this is not always possible, due to copyright and content rights on this platform. Instead, this feature is reserved for premium subscribers who purchase Youtube services.

For this reason, despite the latest updates to the platform, YouTube still does not make it easy to download its videos for free. This has become quite a problem for those lovers of audiovisual content who do not have the necessary resources or who cannot afford their subscription to download certain videos.

To deal with this situation, there are currently some portals in charge of providing the opportunity to download videos from YouTube without the need to subscribe or pay an initial amount of money.

If you are interested in downloading videos from the platform or want to have the opportunity to watch them on your device without having an Internet connection, below we will reveal some alternatives to download free YouTube videos at no cost.

I want to download free videos from Youtube, where do I start?

It has probably happened to you that you liked a video so much that you wanted to download it. However, at that time you did not have the necessary tools or enough knowledge to be able to download this for free without being tempted to have to subscribe to YouTube’s payment plan.

Although it is true that there are no official applications for downloading videos from the platform, there are some alternatives to download that video that we like so much and are looking forward to having on our device. So, if you are worried about this matter or have thrown in the towel on more than one occasion, congratulations! Because indeed, it is possible to download videos from YouTube without having to pay anything .

However, you have to know that it is necessary to find the right pages and make sure that we are not committing any crime or infringing any rule related to copyright. For this reason, below we will analyze some of the most famous portals when it comes to downloading free videos from YouTube and their features.

Portals to download free YouTube videos


Specialists in the world of downloading place this page as one of the most popular alternatives to download any video for free. However, you should know that the free option has limitations compared to the payment plan. Once we know what video we want to download, we will have to enter the SS prefix before the YouTube URL.  and practically automatically, we will be able to download the video to our device. If you want, you also have the option to download videos by copying and pasting the YouTube URL on the Savefrom page itself.

2.Clip converter

Clip Converter is another of the most attractive resources to download videos from the visual content platform. However, it is vitally important to know that this portal does not offer the opportunity to download music videos. If you want to enjoy Clipconverter services, you must open the page in your browser and paste the link of the desired video in the space called Multimedia Address. Next, you will be able to select the quality of the video and the format in which you want to have it, before starting the download.


Another of the most efficient tools when it comes to downloading YouTube videos is Freemake. This page allows the user to download audiovisual content in MP4 format. To do this, we must copy the video link in the download section of the page, and then select the quality and resolution that we want. In less than five minutes, we can enjoy our favorite video, without an Internet connection and on our own device. Easy, simple and for the whole family!

4. Videovor

In this list we can also add Videovor services. This audiovisual content converter is another of the audience’s favorites for downloading YouTube videos for free. To do this, we must copy the link of our video and paste it in the space called video URL . Next, we must select the desired format and click on the option get the link . In a fast and intuitive way, this converter is part of one of the most popular options when it comes to downloading free content

5.Force Download

The last alternative on our list is Force download. This portal is characterized by offering the opportunity to extract both the audio from the videos from YouTube and the entire file on your device. The ease of the process and the zero need to be registered makes this platform one of the most popular when it comes to downloading our favorite videos without having to pay any extra cost.

To start enjoying its advantages, you must first copy the URL of the video you want in the address bar of your browser. Then, you have to paste this address to let Force Download know which video you are interested in downloading and in what resolution. After choosing the format and quality, in less than 10 minutes you can start enjoying your video for the first time without Internet and on your own device.